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Whistler Offroad Cycling Association's youth program is one of the longest-running and highly regarded youth programs in the Sea to Sky corridor. I've had the privilege of working for WORCA since 2015.

This year I got a special request from one of my groups, to make a "sick edit" The storyline, etc all came together from the participants, and I just filmed and edited it for them... enjoy!

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WORCA's mountain biking programs are designed for all ability levels from beginner to advanced. Basic mountain biking skills are required as coaches will take youth off-road’ and onto trail surfaces containing rocks, roots, loose gravel and dirt, and other obstacles. Your child should have experience using hand brakes and gears.


1) Skill Development

Our main objective is to set a foundation in mountain biking. Our qualified coaches will use exercises and games in a controlled environment to teach balance, cornering, front wheel lifts, and other skills necessary to navigate the off-road challenges our trails have to offer.

2) Trail Exploration

Campers will have the opportunity to practice their newly honed mountain-biking skills on Whistler Mountain's incredible trail network. Trail selection will be well thought out by skill level. For example, beginners will gain experience on trails such as Molly Hogan, Tin Pants, and the Sea to Sky Trail. Progressing to more challenging trials such as Gee I Like Your Pants and Son of Mr. Green Genes. Intermediate riders will find themselves exploring the blue single track of Lost Lake, Emerald Forest and River Runs Through. Advanced riders will tackle the black diamond trails on the Westside (aka Stonebridge) and the No Flow Zone (aka Emerald).

3) Trail Etiquette / Stewardship

As part of their experience at camp, participants will be introduced to proper trail etiquette and encouraged to practice what they learn while riding outside camp. Where appropriate, groups may meet with the WORCA Trail Crew and learn more about the fun trails we ride.



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