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Untamed Race Team

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Come and join us for our 10th year of bikes and fun at Silver Star Bike Park

Rates (Get 2023 Pricing)

Regular Price -  $249
Muddbunnies Member - $199


August 10th & 11th, 2024


2 Full Days


Join us for a two-day women's only mountain bike camp, where you'll learn from some of the best coaches across British Columbia! This collaborative event includes one full day of coaching and one full day of free riding with a group of like-minded ladies.

Our professional coaches have years of experience in the industry and will provide personalized instruction to help you progress your riding skills. With a maximum of six students per coach, you can be sure to receive individualized attention and feedback.

On Saturday night, we'll gather for a dinner party with great swag and give-aways, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with other riders and share your experiences.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, our camp caters to all skill levels, from jumps to technical terrain. You'll learn new skills in a friendly group atmosphere, make new riding buddies, and learn from the best female coaches available. Don't miss this chance to elevate your riding and have a blast with a supportive community of women. Sign up now!


  • One full day of coaching with professional coaches from across BC

  • Small class size, with a maximum of 6 students per coach for personalized attention

  • One full day of free riding to practice and apply your skills

  • Dinner and party on Saturday night with great swag and giveaways to connect with other riders and share your experiences

Learn new skills in a friendly group atmosphere, make new riding buddies and learn from the best coaches available.  



To participate in this clinic, we recommend a Downhill or Enduro bike in good working order with 150mm or more of travel. For your safety, we suggest all participants to wear the following protective gear: a full face helmet, eye protection, knee pads, elbow pads, and full finger gloves. 


This year tickets to Silver Star Bike Park are not included in the event price (this is a Silver Star decision). However, participants will be given a link to purchase tickets at a discounted price for the event.



While lodging is not provided, you can book accommodations through Silver Star Central Reservations.



You will be placed into groups based on your ability level. During registration, you will fill out a questionnaire that will help guide us in placing you into the appropriate group. We do our best to match participants with similar abilities together


This group is for riders who are new to mountain biking and have little to no experience on a bike. The focus will be on building basic skills such as balance, braking, and body position. You'll learn how to control your bike on flat and easy terrain and navigate small obstacles.


If you're new(er) to mountain biking or have some experience, but still need to develop your skills and confidence on the trails, this group is for you. The focus will be on building foundational skills such as cornering, line choice, and body position. You'll learn how to tackle more challenging terrain such as small rocks, roots, and small drops.


If you have some experience on a mountain bike and are comfortable on most trails, this group will help you refine your skills and take your riding to the next level. You'll learn more advanced techniques such as riding technical terrain, navigating larger drops and jumps, and riding switchbacks. The group will also work on improving speed, flow, and efficiency on the trails.

Strong Intermediate

If you are an experienced mountain biker looking to progress to more technical terrain and improve your jumping and dropping skills, this group is for you. You'll learn how to ride steep and rocky terrain with confidence, navigate larger drops and jumps, and ride through technical sections with speed and precision. The focus will be on advanced riding techniques and developing a smoother, faster, and more confident riding style.


If you're an expert mountain biker seeking to refine your technique and tackle the most challenging terrain, this group is for you. You'll learn how to ride the steepest and most technical terrain with speed and precision, navigate large drops and jumps, and tackle technical features such as rock gardens and berms. The focus will be on pushing your limits in a safe and controlled environment while developing a more fluid and dynamic riding style.


Regular Price -  $249
Muddbunnies Member - $199

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