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First Look: Liv Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite

Recently, I had the opportunity to test ride the new Liv Intrigue X Adavanced E+ Elite bike before it hit the market and I had a blast. Our friends at Tandem Photography were there to capture all the action and we are excited to share this video with you. Get ready to be inspired and discover the features that make this bike a game-changer in the world of E-Mountain Biking.


When you’re climbing steep singletrack, accelerating on fast and flowy trails, or committing to big moves on technical terrain, power matters. Weight matters, too. Those two factors combined, the power-to-weight ratio, play a major role in how an E-MTB performs on the trail.

That’s the main idea behind the all-new Elite Series, the lightest FULL-POWER E-bikes in the world.


This is the lightest full-suspension E-MTB ever from Giant. With an all-new, lighter weight EnergyPak battery system, it shaves a full 4kg (9 pounds) off the previous generation, which completely transforms performance on the trail. The new Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 0 weighs 18.8kg (41 pounds) in a size medium.

The lighter overall weight, combined with a full power SyncDrive Pro2 motor system that delivers 85Nm of pedaling support, means you can attack the most challenging climbs and technical terrain with greater agility and control. From step-up ledges to chunky rock gardens, riders can push the limits of what’s possible.


ENERGYPAK SMART 400: This integrated 400Wh battery system is purpose-built for the specific needs of E-bike usage. At the core of this new technology is the groundbreaking new 22700 cell type, which vastly outperforms those used in more common off-the-shelf battery systems.

Built with a sturdy aluminum casing, the EnergyPak Smart 400 is rated for safety and impact resistance according to the highest test standards in the industry. This new system also marks the launch of Giant’s new CO2 neutral battery production.

JUNCTION BOX: The junction box provides the most organized e-components cable routing solution. Integrating all the cables together makes it much easier for you when it comes to maintenance. The box is firmly attached to the battery and is waterproof and dustproof so the cables stay clean and protected. INTERNAL CABLE ROUTING: All cables are internally routed through the headset so they’re protected and out of sight, giving a premium, sleek design.


Over the next few weeks, I will be putting the Liv Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite through its paces and providing a comprehensive review of its performance, handling, and features. While I'm excited about this bike's potential, I'll be offering an unbiased (as possible) opinion on how it performs on a range of terrain and in various riding conditions. Stay tuned for my take on this E-MTB, and discover if it lives up to the hype.

Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite
Liv's Partner brand Giant has also released the new Trance X Advanced E+ Elite


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