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Welcome To Tunnel Talk (TT.0)

(From Meat Engines)

I was listening to Hawksley Workman on my ride to my shift today. I mean, not actually listening-listening because I don't ever ride with headphones but I was listening to him in my head. And, well, if someone caught me singing along loudly I'd be hard pressed to deny it based on my past history.

The song in question, since I know you're curious, was, sort of, 2001's mega-awesome Juno Award-winning 'Jealous Of Your Cigarette' off the album (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves. But, instead, the bicycle-related cover version that I grifted on it years ago. There's probably some parental guidance warning thing I should add here, but as the bard said "they've got the Discovery Channel, don't they?"

I'm jealous of your bicyclette And the pleasure that you get from it And not meeeeeeeeee All this time you're biking yo


I'm jealous of your bicyclette And all the things you ride with it I'm jealous of your bicyclette And how you want to ride on it And not meeeeeeeeeeeee All this time you're biking yo

If you don't know the song, the original I mean, and *gasp* haven't seen the video it's linked up above. And the best part about Hawksley is that even if you hate it (how could you hate it? Even if you do!) his work has such broad variation that it's absolutely guaranteed he wrote something you'll love so just keep listening on random until something catches your ear.

Full Rigid single speed mountain bike
This is the tunnel I ride through both to and from work when I'm doing shop shifts. Today I felt like #1FGing so I rode V2.

As I was cruising through the little pedestrian tunnel that I ride to and from work, singing bastardized Hawksley lyrics (yeah, I'll just cop to it) I thought of this (potentially) fun article series for MEATengines called 'Tunnel Talk' which, in hindsight, as I write this, is absolutely also shameless bike-industry-style R&D of his 'Hawk Talk' bits from the Hawksley Night In Canada web series he put on during the Covid-19 concert cold spell. We are what we eat.

Anyway, Tunnel Talk, or a series of short articles based on the bike nerdery topics of the day once or twice or thrice a week when I ride in to turn wrenches. Then I thought, f*ck-me the last thing MEATengines needs is another series that I start and then abandon within one or two hits. I'm already stacking dead spates like warranty folks stack creaking CSUs, do I really need another hanging chad?

So apparently the answer is, yes. One of my goals post-Cumberlandworx is to update more regularly - hopefully without quality going to total crap - with the first edition of tunnel talk (TT) starting tomorrow.

Sorry, Hawksley.


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