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Tubeless Install 101 (TT.6)

(From Meat Engines)

There was a time, years ago, when teaching other riders how to change a flat tire, swap brakes pads, or a shifter cable, was part of my job working at shops. In the winter or early season, we'd offer basic maintenance classes as a way to remind folks we were there. A far cry from what BikeRoom Jeff brought to North Vancouver, before moving to Kaslo, and what Nice Guy Geoff is doing now but it's certainly something I remember enjoying.

In more recent years my only real experience 'teaching' has been working on bikes with my daughter. I think it's fair to say she knows a thing or three. And one of those things is how to set up a pair of tubeless tires. Tape the rims, install the valves, mount the tire, add the sealant, remove the cores, and pump.

It sounds straightforward. It is straightforward. Most of the time, if you've done it a few times. But, like a lot of stuff when it comes to working on bikes some folks need a pushing-off point to get them started. Hence the raison d'être behind Tunnel Talk number six.

The Clairebarian installing the anodized blue valve stems she requested for her birthday.

What's better than learning to work on your bike with some random asshat you don't know? How about learning to work on your bike with this asshat that you do?

In addition to my playing bike mechanic part-time at Essential, I'm also guesting for a few evenings of instruction. If you, or someone you know, is keen I'll be teaching the same technique The Clairebarian uses - AKA the only way I know how - on Nov 8th, Nov 22nd, and Dec 6th from 6-9pm. You're booking time, not a specific lesson plan, so if we're ahead of schedule we'll add in some other maintenance that's best done when the wheels are off.

Feel encouraged to get at me with any questions, and you can sign up here by clicking the link and then scrolling down to Tubeless Setup.


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