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Penticton 3 blind mice trails offer a number of technical challenges which is why we organize this weekend event for all levels to improve bike handling skills, challenge yourself and have a great time in a fun and encouraging environment.

Our coaches will help you build your skills giving you more confidence, freedom, and fun on your bikes. Your weekend will also include a discussion about proper nutrition, how to use the Mountain Bike Skills Wheel, and a bike-focused strength training workout you can take home to accelerate your strength and stamina, not just on the bike but in all areas of life.

On top of all this, we will be providing you with tasty, healthy breakfast treats on Saturday morning as well as great swag bags and special prizes that will be well-earned at the end of Saturday's riding.

The rest of the weekend involves shuttle rides, on a trail skill focus. conquering Technical Trail features, finding flow on the trail, and generally the love of all things with two wheels! Join us for a weekend of biking in the Mice in Penticton, where the trails are buff, the views spectacular and epic women coaching! ​



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