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JacVenture: June 2018

Currently one of my favorite trails on Seymour is Boogieman, here's why:

"Another North Shore classic filled with mandatory A-frames, skinnies, steep drops and granite TTFs. Brought back from the dead thanks to the NSMBA TAP program, the 5 year rebuild maintains the integrity of the original while bringing the trail experience into the modern era with jumps, rollers, doubles and even a rollercoaster. One of the more difficult Seymour trails due to its exposure, steepness and consequences." - Trailforks Description.

NSMBA Trail Adoption Program (TAP)

In 2011 the NSMBA initiated the Trail Adoption Program (TAP) to revitalize local trails by using modern and sustainable building techniques. The TAP program goals are to show respect for the environment through trail work that lessens impact, diverts water, and minimizes erosion. Through TAP and other initiatives, NSMBA and its partners are building and maintaining a unique community resource that gets locals easy access to nature and has helped make the North Shore an iconic mountain biking destination.



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