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Jac’s Favourite Grips - The Essentials

ODI changed bicycle grips when they released their double-clamp lock-on system in 1999. Detractors focused on the high cost and firm plastic core relative to popular push-on options - in other words, nothing has changed - but it's fair to say that the uptake, at least here on the wet coast, was legion.

These days most mountain bikers use lock-on grips, and most lock-on options use a single clamp design. Heck, even ODI is on board with solo-clamping. But Jaclyn's favourite grips are unchanged since they were released around 2011 and are backwards compatible with that original locking system that's now over two decades old.

Enter the ODI / Troy Lee Designs Signature Series lock-on grips.

Why am I writing about Jac's preferred contact points? Perspective. Clearly she thinks they're the best option on the market. Or more accurately, the best option on the market for her. And the Troy Lee lock-on may be perfect for you too. Drop by and give them feel? The under-cut textured grip feels thin while also maximizing traction.

Jac's been riding and recommending these grips going back to right around when they were released. They're a staple of the compact curated collection of options here at Essential, and when it comes to lock-on grips we're generally installing these or OneUp's single-clamp locking option.

Personally, I've run them in the past and I'd rate them a solid meh. The diameter is about right but I prefer to grips that are both longer and a bit softer. Then there's Nice Guy Geoff and his massive Wolf Tooth Fat Paws - my hands start to cramp just looking at them. Imagine, three unique humans with unique preferences for contact points.

It's why we're investing in a growing variety of fits and feels, adding staff members' and friends' specific preferences. Our little grip wall may be devoid of colour - thought we're always happy to special order something - but the goal is to create a collection that includes your future favourite as well as our current ones. The essentials.


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