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OneUp V2 Dropper Post - The Essentials

OneUp's V2 dropper post probably needs no introduction. It splits the line between minimum cost and maximum quality in a well supported uppy-downy option from the Squamish design house. Both JacAttack and Nice Guy Geoff run the V2 dropper and they represent easily 90% of our dropper post sales.

OneUp Components Dropper Post
A significant upgrade or length, performance, and ergonomics compared to the stock KS post.

Until recently it had the lowest stack height, above the seat-collar, of any post on the market and we're still splitting millimeters between it and the more-premium Wolf Tooth Resolve post. OneUp still has the shortest insertion of depth of any post on the market. What that means for the steep local terrain is that riders can get the maximum drop for their minimum saddle height.

OneUp Components Dropper Post in bike
More drop. Easily reduced for riders with shorter legs who like to size-up their bike. Rental or personal.

We run the OneUp post on our rental fleet of Commencal Meta SX bikes. The large and medium bikes have 180mm dropper posts, the XL is sporting a 210mm dropper, and the small has a 150mm. In the rare circumstance when a post sits too tall for the rider renting the bike we can easily reduce the travel 1cm at a time, and we don't charge anything for this service.

OneUp Components Dropper Post lever
The new V3 remote is a significant improvement in ergonomics.

We (almost) always have the 180mm model (adjustable down to 160mm) in stock in both 30.9 & 31.6 and other sizes are only ever a couple days away. We also stock OneUp V3 dropper post levers and Wolf Tooth ReMote dropper levers for a couple of different, and excellent, actuator options.

OneUp Components Dropper Post lever and grips
OneUp’s lock-on grips are another excellent upgrade - for our rental fleet and your bike alike.

The posts are easy to teardown to clean and lube, and it's a service we do frequently here at Essential. In addition to getting your V2 telescoping smoothly again, OneUp also offers thicker keyways that can help make the chassis feel fresh and tight again.

Curious about the maximum length of dropper post you can run on your bike, with your leg length? Already own a OneUp V2 but it could be smoother and faster? Bring your bike by and we'll book you in.


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