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6 Mountain Bike Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season? Oh, you mean the BEST time to get your mountain biking enthusiast everything they need (or more!) Yes, all that is really required is a bit of careful consideration — no fancy stuff here! Think practical gifts like those things bikers frequently replace or extra accessories.

Essential Cycles has hand-selected an array of products used and loved by our team. These are the go-to's we trust, so you can too!

1. Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube 2oz - $25

WT-1 Chain Lube is the total package when it comes to caring for your chain. This premium synthetic lube not only cleans and protects but also improves drivetrain efficiency so you can get more out of every ride! Gone are the days of needing multiple products—WT-1 gives cyclists everything they need in one bottle that will last up to 5x longer than traditional lubricants due to its superior binding ability. Whether in wet or dry conditions, WT-1 takes care of dirt and debris while extending performance rides between applications with this powerful yet effective all-purpose product.

2. ODI & Troy Lee Design - $47.99

The amazing rubber and tread pattern on these grips, make them truly stand out above many others. With its ability for quick hand rotation forward yet sticking fast when pulling back you get unbeatable control in wet or muddy conditions. Plus, thanks to thumb and pinky flanges developed by ODI engineers you'll always be aware of where they're positioned without compromising shifting or braking movements. On top of all this convenience, installation is an absolute breeze since they use lock-on technology.

3. Stans Tubeless Sealant 32oz - $49.99 (16oz $29.99)

Tire troubles and flat tires are no fun! Get ready to roll over any terrain with a tubeless tire setup – the latest in puncture-preventing technology. Tubeless setups reduce flats while allowing off-roaders to run lower pressures than tube tires, giving their ride an ultra-smooth feel as they fly across uneven surfaces at increased speeds thanks to awesome traction gains. So put your worries aside and hit the trails knowing you can depend on your reliable tubeless system!

4. One Up EDC Lite - $54.50

Looking for an easy-to-access, discreet multi-tool that can fit on your bike? OneUp Components' EDC Lite tool is the solution. Offering all of the same benefits of their original full-size version (which was popular among everyday riders and pro racers alike), this miniaturized model has a new housing design so you won't need to thread or use any special stems - just tap in with a bolt and you're good to go! Installing only took me minutes, but check out the instructions beforehand as there are minimum steerer length requirements before buying.

5. Esker Insoles - $79.99

As someone who suffers from Reynauds and generally feels the cold, I can not emphasize enough what a game-changer these insoles have been for me to enjoy my winter riding.

Get ready to embrace winter with insoles that make cold weather riding a breeze! Our performance-boosting footbeds are made using natural materials engineered to keep feet warm even in the chilliest climates. With innovative Canadian wool insulation and superior breathability, these awesome insoles will help you stay dry, comfy, and odor free all season long.

6. Wera Hex Plus Multicolour Long Arm L-Key - $83.52

Wera's Hex Plus L-keys are an innovative solution to ensure that your fasteners stay secure and unscathed. Their patented technology offers a larger bearing surface which provides more contact between the tool and bolt head - thus reducing any chances of rounding off screws! Wera’s design has been put into action for many years now with satisfactory results.

Wera says not only are you less likely to round out that bolt (that you'd think is made of cheese) you can crank the torque up to 20% higher with its Hex Plus design!

Share the gift of lasting memories with an experience! Whether it's a new skill to master or enhancing something they already do, these gifts make for exciting surprises that you can't put a price tag on. Make their dreams come true and give them special moments they'll always remember!

We've just posted our 2023 Bike Maintenance Clinics, these make a great present for the aspiring home mechanic in your circle.


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