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Introducing the Updated 2023 Giant Reign

The Reign has been setting the standard for hard-hitting trail riding since 2005. It's built to take on whatever aggressive trails you can throw its way, whether it be a race course or an epic singletrack adventure. The newest Reign takes that up another notch with modern enduro geometry and versatility across various terrains – giving riders unlimited choices of how they want to ride.

Reign Revolution - this all-new chassis is built strong, light and fast for Giant enduro pros. A new suspension setup developed, tested and raced at the highest levels. And more adjustability lets you tackle technical trails just the way you like. With adjustable geometry and a wheel size that can accommodate both 29" and 27.5", this highly versatile line is ready to tackle any terrain — all thanks to insightful feedback from Giant's talented pro off-road team!

The Giant Factory Off-Road Team riders, Youn Deniaud and Mckay Vezina have been instrumental in the development of the new Reign bike. Their pro enduro racing capabilities are pushing its speed and control to unprecedented heights - even resulting in a stage win plus top five overall finish at the 2022 Enduro World Series! It's no coincidence that with stakes this high these results were achieved as Deniaud was becoming more & more comfortable on his prototype model throughout season. Experience for yourself why so many pros trust their performance to Reign bikes from Giant Bicycles!

Deniaud was racing a prototype version of the new Reign Advanced Pro, the flagship model built on a full-composite frameset. This model is built on a super lightweight composite frame, giving it serious performance in challenging terrain and varied conditions. Riders looking for more gravity focused activities can choose from two other models; The Reign series which features an ALUXX SL aluminum frameset or its SX version with longer travel suspension that caters to bike parks & rougher descents alike! Where novices or experts need extra adjustability, all three versions come equipped with flip chips allowing riders to quickly tailor their Frame Geometry by switching between 29'' front/rear wheels (for stock), 27'' rear wheel only and even Mullet Setup as preferred - consisting of smaller 27.5" rear & larger 29” front wheel!

Here's a look at the some of the key updates with the new Reign range:

Race-Bred Suspension

Enduro riders and trail bikers continue to explore new limits, taking on steeper descents and bigger drops. To keep up with their demands, the Reign is back - improved for an even more advanced ride experience! Featuring a Maestro rear suspension system that provides 160mm of travel (14mm beyond its predecessor), this bike will give you the edge necessary when facing daunting terrain.

With a longer stroke, the trunnion mount shock in both the Reign Advanced Pro and regular Reign offer athletes an exceptionally smooth ride on all kinds of terrain. The advanced forged composite upper rocker arm adds stiffness for improved handling when cornering or picking up speed. Up front, you'll find either 170mm forks on both bicycle models to help absorb trail impacts for enhanced control - plus unbeatable plushness with 165mm rear traveland 190mm dual crown suspension fork that comes standard with the aggressive-geared SX model!

Adjustable Enduro Geometry

The Reign Advanced Pro and regular models offer enhanced performance with their trunnion mount shock offering 62.5mm of stroke for a smooth ride across various terrain types, plus an Active Forged Composite upper rocker arm that improves bike handling when cornering or accelerating. But if you're looking to take on the most challenging trails out there then check out the Reign SX; it boasts 165 mm of rear travel plus 190 mm dual crown suspension fork up front giving riders incredible plushness while they navigate even the roughest routes!

For mountain bikers seeking to optimize their riding experience, our new three-position flip chip makes it easy. By offering adjustable bottom bracket drop in 5mm increments (35, 30 or 25mm) and varying head tube angles (63.5 - 64.2 degrees), as well as seat tube angle choices ranging from 78.3 to 79 degrees, riders can find the perfect setup for any conditions they may encounter while on the trails! The high position of the flip chip provides increased ground clearance ideal for technical terrain with a steeper seat tub angle that helps power up climbs; lower settings result in slacker head tubes and dropped bottom brackets providing better handling at higher speeds; and if you're looking for something more neutral then try out middle setting--a versatile option all round!

The new frames have been geometry-modified and fortified with integrated protection on the underside of their downtubes, preserving them against rocks and other debris while also dampening road noise. Plus they come equipped with a built-in storage compartment in each size's corresponding frame option - whether composite or aluminum. And to top it all off: updated cable ports for flawless operation that maintain an impeccably clean look!

Rear Wheel Options

The new flip chip setup adds exciting customization options for riders by giving them the choice to combine a 27.5-inch rear wheel with the standard 29-inch front wheel, creating what's referred to as a mullet style bike - perfect for navigating difficult trails! The larger 29" wheels offer improved stability and rollover capabilities while still maintaining decent agility due to that smaller rear tire size - making it simple switch up your ride in no time at all.



Reign Advanced Pro

This full-composite frameset is engineered with enduro racing geometry and adjustability that lets you change the bike’s handling and riding characteristics with three flip chip settings.


The geometry of the ALUXX SL aluminum frameset has been updated to accommodate 29-inch wheels, and you now have the option to run a “mullet” setup with a 27.5 rear wheel.

Reign SX

This gravity-focused enduro machine features a lightweight, stiff and super-strong ALUXX SL frameset paired with our latest Maestro rear suspension. The frameset is optimized for its mixed wheel setup, with a 27.5-inch rear and 29-inch front. A plush suspension system with 165mm in the rear and a 190mm triple crown fork up front gives you the ability to send it on the roughest descents. You can also adjust frame geometry with a flip chip that lets you switch the head tube and seat tube angles, along with bottom bracket drop, to dial in the handling for your riding style and terrain. And a new integrated down tube storage feature provides convenient carrying capacity for on-trail essentials.

All models are expected to be available in March 2023. For more information, including all the details on features and technologies, please visit to



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