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Help Andy on Lower Crippler: Replace His Chainsaw

Dear Mountain Bikers and Trail Users (Donate HERE)

Trail builder carrying chainsaw
Photo thanks to Tandem Photography

My partner, Andy, is an exceptional trail builder who volunteers hundreds of hours each year, in all kinds of weather, to maintain and improve Upper and Lower Crippler. After many years of relentless (and sometimes thankless) work, he’s worn out his trusted chainsaw, which is an indispensable tool for the features he builds. Now, I’m reaching out to rally and help Andy replace his old saw, enabling him to continue his invaluable work on Lower Crippler and beyond.

About the “Prettiest Muddbunny”:

Andy is a passionate trail builder who has poured his heart and soul into the Upper and Lower Crippler trails. Lower Crippler, in particular, has been his primary focus, where his tireless efforts have transformed it into a trail masterpiece. His dedication to enhancing the experience for all who venture onto this trail can be seen in the many wooden and rock features that make it so unique.

The Chainsaw Dilemma:

Years of hard work and countless hours spent on trail maintenance have taken a toll on Andy's chainsaw, rendering it inoperable. Without this essential tool, his ability to continue his trail-building endeavors are severely hampered. As a community, we have a unique opportunity to support Andy by providing him with a new saw. With this replacement, Andy will be equipped to carry on his transformative work on Lower Crippler, including finishing his current work of art.

Why Your Support Matters:

Andy has selflessly given his time and expertise to numerous trail-building initiatives on the Shore and beyond, including assisting other trail builders. However, it's now our turn to come together as a community and give back to him. By contributing to this GoFundMe campaign, you will directly contribute to purchasing a new chainsaw for Andy, empowering him to continue his invaluable work on Lower Crippler. Your donation, regardless of size, will have a significant impact on his ability to enhance and maintain this trail.

Together we can make a difference:

By supporting Andy in replacing his worn-out chainsaw you are investing in the continuous enhancement of the Crippler trails. Join us in this endeavor by contributing today. Together, we can empower him to continue his trail-building legacy.

Donate HERE

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