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Rewind back to last year in Leogang where we presented a prototype SUPREME DH, code name P019. At that time, we wrote, “It's a prototype, a lab bike that means we can try many new concepts under the most testing and extreme conditions. This SUPREME features a brand new kinematic with a Virtual High Pivot. Through this system, we're always looking for more performance and liveliness, without compromising the capacity of our now renowned High Pivot Point. There is no commercialisation on the cards yet, however it’s sure that this is the dawn of a new era for the future of COMMENCAL DH.” Here we are in 2022 with the results of this years’ worth of work on the ground plus those three years of reflection. This is the COMMENCAL SUPREME DH V5! The result of the perfect synergy of work between our athletes and R&D department, with one clear objective, to be in the green at all the splits! Availability : - Frames: End of 2022 - Complete bikes: Beginning of 2023

"The terms were simple... To make a bike with no compromises, which works very well whatever the type of track and which gives the rider confidence. Alongside the evolution of the discipline itself, we could see that the time when you could make a strategic choice on the settings of the bike at the start of the season is over. For example, making it very efficient, or very comfortable. Race tracks are complete and varied, and it takes versatility. Additionally, the level is so high that riders have to spend a lot of time working on their lines on track and they have less time to think about bike settings. In the technical sense, we chose to work on the 'virtual high pivot point' kinematics. Using a 6-bar system allows us to create an ideally controlled virtual pivot point trajectory and suspension leverage ratio evolution, regardless of the range of travel used. The result is a significant improvement in the balance, shock absorption and overall liveliness of the bike. That was the goal and that's what we've got!"

-Arthur Quet, COMMENCAL engineer

Photos : @commencalbikes / @nicolasbrizin



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